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With this Wordpress plugin you can create responsive eLearning courses (WBT) in a unique design. An intuitive drag & drop editor supports your creativity. Create your courses with videos, pictures, tests and quizzes. This is a completely new web design- and usability concept, which supports the learning processes of your students. But of course you can also use this plugin to create your own innovative personal or business web site.
Create your courses directly via your browser
no further installation on your device/computer is required. Not only can you view your courses on every device, you can also create and edit them on any device all over the world. You are no longer bound to one specific computer. You are no longer bound to one workplace.
free updates
With our free updates, be sure to always have the latest web technologies at your fingertips.
individual didactical aproach
For your individual didactical approach, we can also develop customized features. Just contact us and tell us about your ideas and concerns. We'll be happy to provide consulting services.

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    The first authoring tool plugin for WordPress

    developed by an experienced educationalist, software engineer and UX designer.

    simple and quick setup, intuitive usage and responsive design.
    "It's really plug & teach. Feel it."

    efficient and long-lasting learning

    Our design principles for this plugin are based on the conclusions of recent studies in the field of cognitive science and psychology, resulting in an ideal combination of content and form: simple and clear design and navigation, enabling the students to focus on the relevant information and facilitating the processes of understanding and memorizing. In this way learning becomes more efficient and long-lasting.
    Flexible usability caters for the individual needs of every student.
    single user licence
    Access for one user
    After the expiry date, your license will not be automatically extended 
    multiple user licence
    any registered user can create courses
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