Buy, pay, download and start your eLearning experience.

Installing the eLearning plugin is a simple process which only takes a couple of minutes.

WordPress is a free open source software used by more than 41% of the web users. Our eLearning plugin extends the standard functionality of WordPress and allows you to create courses in responsive web design in order to test/share knowledge and create quizzes. All the data generated in this process are stored on your server or hosting provider of your choice and only accessible to you. You can anonymize your participants as well as their test results and create courses only for registered learners/users. The learning analytics can also be set to only show you anonymized results.

The license is valid for one year and will not be automatically extended. After the expiry date, your courses are still available to your learners/participants, and you will be able to access the learning analytics and export the data into standard formats like Excel.

Requirements: WordPress 4.7.0 and above
Tested in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge